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Optional Customizations & Upgrades

Here at Precision, we strive to maximize value for all of our customers. We understand that you need to get the most out of your investment, and that includes getting the exact machine that you want.

Every Eltec comes with a variety of options available in order to tailor your machine to your preferences. Eltec is able to build for a variety of environments and configurations that allow you to get the most work done.

Some of the available options include:

  • Hydraulic reservoir w/ heating element
  • Additional LED lights mounted at front of cab or mounted on the boom
  • Configurations for the undercarriage
  • Front bumpers
  • Walkway options
  • Additional counterweight
  • Integrated toolbox for undercarriage and in the cab with or without lights
  • A variety of Boom and Stick configurations available for all models, customized for optimal work with any head on the market

Leveling systems are available for most Eltec models. Eltec’s proprietary levelling systems are responsive and self adjusting to maintain optimal operator positioning whether climbing or descending steep slopes. In combination with their heavy duty rotation system, the tilt angle of the levellers keep the cab horizontal. Like all the systems developed for Eltec machines, they have preprogrammed standards with the opportunity for the operator to adjust functions to their needs.

Precision Machinery booth at OLC 2024
Precision Machinery booth at OLC 2024

Eltec at the 2024 Oregon Logging Conference

For the first time, the crowd at the Oregon Logging Conference was able to see Eltec equipment in-person. Loggers from throughout Oregon came and discussed what truly makes Eltec different from other machines on the market. This year we featured the 277B Shovel Logger and the 317B Feller Buncher. Click the button below to view our entire gallery of photos from the Oregon Logging Conference.

Feller Harvesters

Eltec Harvester models are designed and optioned to serve a variety of markets and work methods for loggers.

These machines come in a variety of configurations all intended to accomodate multi-head attachments.

Eltec 277B Feller Harvester processing a log in the forest

Feller Bunchers

Eltec manufactures a range of models in their Feller Buncher line that can meet the various demands and regulations that our clients face.

These machines are the same platform as harvesters, but the boom and stick configuration change to accommodate the buncher head.

Eltec 317B with a Quadco processing head sitting in a snowy woods

Shovel Loggers

Eltec Shovel Logger models are designed and optioned to serve a variety of markets and work methods for loggers.

For operations where most of the cut wood needs to be hauled to the roadside, shovel loaders come into play. The need for these models is ofthen because the work is in regions with inclined terrain.

Eltec 277B Shovel Logger in the woods in Oregon

Log Loaders

Eltec Log Loaders provide a high cab 360-degree unobstructed view with heavy load capacity.

Log loaders are usually roadside operating machines that can be configured to accommodate a variety of heads, but are usually configured for grappling claws to load wood for transport.

Eltec 317B log loader moving logs on a landing

Exceptional Equipment. Unmatched Service.

Eltec was established by loggers who believed they could build better machines for people like them.

Here at Precision, we bring you the best machines paired with the service and maintenance that you can only find here.

You can learn more about Eltec on their website.

A red and black Eltec FH317 harvester cutting a tree in a thick forest.

Eltec's Hydraulic Fluid Recovery System

Each Eltec machine comes equipped with their proprietary hydraulic fluid recovery system (FRS), an innovative solution designed to optimize hydraulic fluid flow and minimize energy consumption.

The FRS utilizes kinetic energy to enhance hydraulic fluid flowEltec Fluid Recovery System through the machine. By reducing energy consumption, this system provides efficient and smooth mechanical movement throughout the equipment, eliminating any lag and ensuring a smooth operation. This system can also be tailored to individual preferences and work methods, providing the ultimate operator experience.

The Eltec FRS is eco-friendly by reducing fuel consumption, but it’s also an investment in the longevity and sustainability of the machine. This system unlocks the full potential of Eltec equipment without compromising quality or performance.

The FRS system is another example of how Eltec builds innovative machines that benefit customers and the environment. Learn more about the FRS here.

Emissions Standards - B Series

Eltec’s evolutionary leap from A series, which begins with Stage V Cummins engine that slightly exceeds Tier 4 final EPA standards. It delivers better fuel efficiency as well as fewer emissions and more power. There is a vast array of additional improvements to the B series ranging from better maneuverability through improved hydraulic systems, wider visibility for the operator in the cab, and many more improvements specific to each model.

B-Series Modifications and Improvements

The Cummins L9 Stage V engine is the powerhouse behind the B-Series machines, providing a range of improvements including a wastegate turbo system, the elimination of EGR, and a single Diesel Exhaust Fluid Selective Catalytic Reduction system. These advancements reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency compared to our lower tiered engine options.

The cab of the B-Series has been designed to maximize visibility, with three emergency exits for added safety andCummins L9 Stage V diesel engine convenience. The geometry of the boom and stick has also been improved to accommodate Eltec’s proprietary hydraulic Flow Recovery System, while protecting the hydraulic hoses and fittings.

The central control system programming has been improved with presets and a more intuitive interface, making it easier for operators to customize settings to their preferences. The engine cap has been redesigned to reduce debris accumulation and prevent it from entering the engine compartment.

The engine compartment is spacious and equipped with steel catwalks for easy servicing and maintenance. Side-by-side hydraulic oil cooler, radiator, and charged air cooler plus AC condensers are located for fast and easy service access.

The combination of all these improvements to the B-Series machines and the Cummins L9 engine result in a very noticeable increase in fuel efficiency, which will vary depending on the operator, harvest method, and terrain.

How Eltec Arrived In Oregon

Eltec (Technologies Element) is a forestry equipment manufacturer out of Quebec that’s making a name for itself in an already crowded timber industry. With equipment made “By Loggers For Loggers” Eltec aims to produce the next workhorses that compete with the best equipment on the market. Their equipment includes Feller Bunchers, Feller Harvesters, Shovel Loggers, and Log Loaders. As a hungry, young company that’s earned a strong pedigree in the logging industry, they develop equipment that’s top-of-the-line and never compromises quality.

Eltec was established by Patrick Element in 2011. Patrick is a third generation logger who not only understood the hard work required to make a living in forestry, but also believed he could build better machines for people like him. Since then, they’ve expanded their reach around the world and North America, growing their distributor and dealership network. In 2023, Eltec expanded to the Western United States by partnering with Precision Machinery and Mast Machinery in Oregon. This marks their first dealership in the region.

In 2023, Eltec introduced its B Series, the next evolution of development to their bunchers, harvesters, shovel loggers, and log loaders. Two of these models were on display at the Oregon Logging Conference. The 317B Feller Buncher and 277B Shovel Logger drew a lot of interest at Precision Machinery and Mast Machinery’s booth, as this marked the first time any Eltec machines were present at the annual Oregon log show. 

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