ELTEC FB277B Feller Buncher


This ELTEC short tail swing is a tracked machine designed and purpose built to deliver high productivity, consistent with the demands of a 7 day-a-week.  Whether working in a selective harvesting or final felling application, the ELTEC 277 Series is powered by an industry leading, highly fuel efficient engine and an enhanced hydraulic system, designed specifically for the demands of forestry work.

Better stability is achieved with additional support by a chassis with a very long wheelbase. The boom system allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane smoothly and quickly using a single joystick.

By using well engineered structures and the highest quality materials available, we manufacture the 277 series to be durable with an excellent capacity-to-weight ratio.

ELTEC 277 Series machines are also available in either a harvester or buncher configuration complete with boom and arm options, specific to customer requirements with dedicated hydraulics tuned for any head on the market today.

All ELTEC machines have a soundproof and insulated cab equipped with a highly adjustable heated seat with pneumatic suspension. The front full-height 32mm (1.25’’) thick polycarbonate window provides a peerless overview of the work area. To ensure superior comfort, ELTEC 277 series machines feature a high-capacity, integrated HVAC system with multiple adjustable airflows. Connected and external device friendly audio system integration is also available with any of our machines, with optional/adjustable control configurations.

The spacious engine compartment with steel catwalks is designed to simplify service and maintenance. Once opened, the hood is transformed into a platform for component service and easy maintenance. The filtration system is easily accessible for cartridge replacement, as is access to batteries and all other critical components.