Eltec Feller Harvesters For Sale

Eltec Feller Harvesters

Eltec feller harvesters are versatile machines that can be designed and optioned to serve a variety of markets and work methods for loggers. 

There are currently three models of feller harvesters available:

  • FH277 – Powered by an industry leading, highly fuel efficient engine and an enhanced hydraulic system, designed specifically for the demands of forestry work.
  • FH317 – When the trees get bigger so does Eltec with the 317 series harvester, designed to meet the demands of a 7-day work week.
  • FH417 – Eltec’s biggest platform, the 417 series harvester offers superior stability with its long wheelbase and additional counterweight.
Eltec FH317 feller harvester with grapples sitting at a log site