Ecoforst T-WINCH

The Best Winch Assist For Steep Slope Logging

Key Benefits of

  • No structural alteration of the base machine is required.
  • Remote operated and can be completely controlled from the cabin of the tethered machine.
  • Increased fuel efficiency.
  • Minimal installation required.
  • Damage to soil is greatly reduced by increasing traction of the tethered machine.
T-WINCH 30.2 at a job site in Sequim, WA

Learn How T-WINCH is the Most Efficient Traction Winch on the Market

T-WINCH 30.2 attached to Timberpro on a log site

No More Tying Down Your Machines

Your excavator or buncher wasn’t built to anchor your machines, and it’s time you get the most out of your equipment. With the 

T-WINCH, you can tether your machines and safely log on steep slopes – all without configuring your equipment with a winch. This allows you to use your equipment as intended and get more work done.

The T-WINCH is completely independent and has enough power to support any machine that you throw at it. 

Powerful Support.
Minimal Fuel Consumption.

In all places where unsecured driving leads to increased risk for the operator and his machine, the solid T-WINCH traction winch assistant can be used. Not only is the application of the traction winch a considerable cost saving for the operator because of the verifiable reduction of fuel consumption, but the use of T-WINCH also represents an environmentally conscious approach in the field of timber harvesting.

T-WINCH 10.2 tethered to a yellow wheel loader in a job site in a forest
Precision Machinery booth at OLC 2024

T-WINCH 30.2 - The Big One

The T-WINCH 30.2 combines versatility with enough raw power to handle all of your equipment. With the use of modern design, carefully considered operational tasks, and quality construction, you’ll be able to depend on the 30.2 day in and day out. This is a beast of a machine that takes your operation to the next level.

T-WINCH 10.3

The 10.3 is compact yet powerful enough to handle most machines you throw at it. This workhorse is quick and powerful and will quickly become the most valuable machine in your fleet. The 10.3 also allows access to rough terrain while taking into consideration all necessary ecological set-ups for a continued development of nature.

Precision Machinery booth at OLC 2024
T-WINCH 10.2 tethered to a John Deere loader in a forest

Exceptional Steep Slope Logging

If your operation depends on steep slope logging, a proper winch assist is crucial to your success. T-WINCH was created to give loggers an innovative way to improve their safety and profitability when logging on unstable ground. The mobile traction winch is independent of your other equipment and is operated remotely which allows for ease of use for any logging operator. With any T-WINCH we sell, we’ll drive up to your operation and go through all of the training with you so that you’re comfortable using your new machine. 

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Unlock Your Potential with T-WINCH

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