T-WINCH 10.3

The third generation of the T-WINCH, improved through feedback of our customers all over the world. T-WINCH is the new standard of steep slope logging equipment.

Side shot of T-WINCH 10.3 sitting in front of the Precision Machinery shop

Watch The T-WINCH 10.3 in Action

Improved Technology and Design

Rope Outlet

  • Hardened high-quality rope guides
  • Bearings on all rope guide elements
  • Stable fixing to the blade


  • Robust diesel engine
  • Maximum power output 125kW
  • Worldwide availability of spare parts

Cast Iron Drum

  • Good winding behavior
  • Rope capacity 500m
  • Rope diameter 20mm
  • High tensile strength
  • special compaction
  • Long operating life

Winch Transmission

  • High dynamic torque
  • Integrated multi-disc brake
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hydraulic pressure 420 bar

Crawler Movement

  • Stable crawler construction
  • Powerful chain drive

Unlock Your Potential with T-WINCH

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